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Drywall Repair Company in St. Louis, MO.

Complete Drywall & Painting provides St. Louis drywall repair for homeowners, builders, and contractors in Missouri and Illinois. We have a reputation for providing the best drywall repair contractors in St. Louis, and we are committed to excellence with patch perfect walls and ceilings. Call us for drywall, plaster, and painting, including level 5 drywall finish.

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial and residential drywall services including patching and repairing damaged drywall, fixing cracks and holes, installing new drywall, and ensuring seamless integration with existing surfaces. We treat each project like our own home, with texture matching to create a cohesive appearance, and complete solutions for maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetics of your walls and ceilings.

Residential and Commercial Drywall Repair Contractor

About Complete Drywall & Painting

Complete Drywall & Painting was created to impress clients. After six years as a general contractor, Owner Matt Edwards streamlined his experience in hiring subcontractors to deliver the excellent services his clients expect and deserve. We have assembled an all-star team of drywall finishers who understand the process of delivering the highest quality drywall and painting services in St. Louis. When it comes to drywall and painting, the result is only as good as the quality of the workmanship. That’s why our team is comprised of only the best, and we’re consistently praised by Missouri and Illinois builders with decades of experience as having the best drywall quality they have ever seen. Complete Drywall & Painting consistently produces flawless projects, combined with excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

St. Louis Drywall Ceiling Repair

When your ceilings or walls are in disrepair from aging structural problems, water damage, or unplanned accidents, trust Complete Drywall & Painting to skillfully repair any and all drywall damages. We seamlessly patch your drywall and meticulously match your existing textures. When we’re done, your ceilings and walls will be as good as new with a flawless finish.


“I've known Matt for several years and in that time, he has shown his knack for making great things happen, time and again. His honesty, and integrity, coupled with a more than fair price, come with every deal he makes, providing a solid foundation for a great relationship with each of his clients. It is quite noticeable that his positive approach to running his business affairs leads to numerous return clientele, and word of mouth referrals.”

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2023, drywall repair costs between $65 and $75 per hour in St. Louis (not including material costs).

You should repair drywall when the damages do not affect the structural integrity of your building (or home) and remain confined to smaller areas of your walls and ceilings. You should replace your drywall when there is water damage that causes moisture or mold issues, or the damages to your walls and ceilings involve larger holes of 5 inches or more.
Yes, you can repair drywall by yourself for small holes. Start by sanding the wall to make it smooth and then patch these small holes by filling them with spackle paste or joint compound. When you’re done, wait for the spackle to dry and–if you need to–apply another layer of spackle for deeper holes. Finally, you’ll want to match the paint and texture of your walls, then prime and paint the area where there is no longer a hole. Or Call Complete Drywall & Painting, and we’re happy to help you with any size repair or replacement.