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Residential and Commercial Metal Framing in Missouri and Illinois.

At Complete Drywall and Painting we also offer metal framing. We perform metal framing in tenant finishes, large commercial projects, basement soffits, and sometimes on basement walls. We actually believe all houses should be framed in metal (though we know it is not realistic). Metal provides plumb framing, which should be considered for bathrooms in which tile requires true ceilings and walls. Our crews are versed in structural and lightweight metal framing. 

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial and residential metal framing services in addition to drywall installation, and painting. Our metal framing contractors work seamlessly with our drywall technicians to deliver beautiful interiors. We specialize in complete solutions for maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetics of your walls and ceilings.

St. Louis' Choice for Metal Stud Framing.

About Complete Drywall & Painting

Complete Drywall & Painting was created to impress clients. After six years as a general contractor, Owner Matt Edwards streamlined his experience in hiring subcontractors to deliver the excellent services his clients expect and deserve. We have assembled an all-star team of drywall finishers who understand the process of delivering the highest quality drywall and painting services in St. Louis. When it comes to drywall and painting, the result is only as good as the quality of the workmanship. That’s why our team is comprised of only the best, and we’re consistently praised by Missouri and Illinois builders with decades of experience as having the best drywall quality they have ever seen. Complete Drywall & Painting consistently produces flawless projects, combined with excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Metal Framing in St. Louis

Metal framing, also called metal stud wall framing, has excellent advantages over wood stud framing. Metal-framed walls are complimentary for drywall installation with structurally straight and functionally solid surfaces that allow for a smoother finish. Interior walls are built with light gauge metal studs with framing techniques similar to wood construction, but at a cost savings. Metal framing also avoids unnecessary problems related to moisture and wood rot, while delivering the same aesthetically pleasing structure.


“Matt Edwards and Complete Drywall & Taping have consistently proven themselves to be company of integrity, superior customer service, and A+ workmanship. We value their attention to detail in every direction and would recommend them to anyone.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Metal stud framing is the interior framework for building walls and ceilings. Like the skeleton of any building or home, metal framing uses studs and tracks to construct the bones upon which your drywall will be mounted. Metal framing is very common in commercial buildings because the galvanized steel and/or aluminum hold up against fire and water damage.

Metal framing has several advantages over wood framing, especially its strength and light weight. Metal stud framing delivers a consistent and uniform framework with fewer flaws than wood framing, allowing for more efficient construction and fewer wasted materials. Additionally, metal framing is not impacted by moisture, which can rot wood studs that require replacement. While wood framing is susceptible to fire, metal framing made of steel or aluminum is fire-resistant. Finally, metal framing does not shrink, warp, split, twist, or buckle, meaning it is built to last.

Structural metal framing is in Division 05. Non-structural metal framing is in Division 09.